Bridge School Benefit Concert

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Whoa, that sold out fast.

I got to tower records to wait online at 7:45 and there was already an older couple there, they got there at 7. I wanted to get there by 7 as well but had a late night (Go Bears).

A couple other people came online. We were surprised at the small line.

Were let in,first couple ordered 6 tix. got em. i ordered 2, got em. next person. sold out.

sold out in 2 minutes. that has to be a record.

Anyone here going to the show? It'll be my first one.


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    Originally posted by Scott


    Seriously, at 10:05 on eBay there were dozens of listings.

    They added a 2nd show. I got tix to that too. woo hoo.

    Also got tix to Jonny Lang today.

    Debating whether to go see Steve Winwood tonight at the Fillmore.
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    Originally posted by applenut

    Debating whether to go see Steve Winwood tonight at the Fillmore.

    do they still have the big barrel of apples in the lobby of the fillmore?
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    I've been to one. 2 years ago i believe, (XV was it?) best show ever. PJ, Ben Harper, Billy Idol (kicked ass), REM, Tracy Chapman, Neil Young.

    We flew over from Toronto to LA, went to Hollywood to see 'The Strokes' then drove down to San Jose.

    Great show, bunch of friendly people around, with kids and all that...

    They always sell tickets right at the show. So before you go to scalpers just check that first.

    Hey, is PJ playing this year?

    They were absent last year i believe...

    ....that would be so cool to go there again, well maybe next year..

    Heh, one more thing, when you go to a bar, check out posters they have hanging on the wall. One of them is super rare Rolling Stones / Pearl Jam gig poster, impossible to find.

    have fun!
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