Trying to get sound input source to play through

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OS 9 had this nifty little audio feature that you could set the sound input source to just play through to the sound output on the computer (whether it was your speakers, headphones, or whatever). I just picked up an audio-in cable and connected my iPod to my eMac's sound-in jack, hoping I'd be able to play the iPod's music through the eMac's external speakers while also playing the sound the computer was producing. This is nice for games when I want to listen to my own music while playing the game but I don't want to leave iTunes open because it's hard to control and it sucks away processing power. Is there a feature like this in OS X? I just can't find it.


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    Check Audio-Midi setup in Utilities in Applications.

    It should be there.

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Thanks a lot! That worked. It's not as easy as in OS 9, but on the other hand, it's not common that just anyone would need this option so I can see why they put the option in the Audio MIDI Setup utility.
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