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is there some kind of test program to test how much dead pixels a tft screen has.

I wanted to know so i made a black background, quit all programs so I could see only the black screen, turn off the lights, wait 30 minutes to adapt your eyes, and then start to search for dead pixels.

Well I count over 10 dead pixels, the red ones are the worst, but there are other colors that cannot be seen easily.

Ok U can't seen them on normal operation, but if more pixels die over time, we'll notice it.

I'm on a 1Ghz Ti Last generation.

Can U guys&girls do the same test with your tft screens and post your findings?



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    No dead pixels on my 12inch PB or my 20inch Cinema Display! Of course they are only a couple of weeks old. I have a lovely line running down the screen of my 15inch PB that is quite annoying.
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    I personally go to Photoshop, and create five files, each the same size and resolution as the screen you are testing. So for instance if you were testing a 23" Cinema Display, you would create five 1920x1200px files @ 72ppi.

    The files are 100% white, 100% black, 100% red, 100% green and 100% blue. Make sure they're all in the RGB colour space.

    You can then go full screen in Photoshop (F key twice and TAB key to remove palettes) or simply set the screensaver to rotate the images...

    If you get any black pixels appearing on the white, red, green or blue screens, then they're "dead" pixels. If you get pixels that stay the same colour (really bright red, green or blue) throughout all of the test screens, then you have "stuck" pixels...

    I think...

    It's normal for very faint coloured pixels to appear on a completely black screen. This is simply because it's very hard for the TFTs to completely block out the backlight. If you're having to wait on your eyes to become accustomed to the screen then I suggest that this is what you are seeing. You'll know a stuck pixel when you see it. It's hard to miss it, and they're extremely annoying. Dead pixels however often appear like specks of dust on the screen, and indeed you're screen will become so dusty after a couple of days use that you won't be able to tell one from the other!

    The good news it that some people have reported that stuck pixels sometimes come back to life.
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    If those really are dead pixels, then you either have poor eyesight, or you are very laid back - I've just bought an 18" Samsung TFT desktop screen for my 12"PB, and while it was pixel perfect when it came out of the box, it developed a dead red pixel - so white now shows as turquoise. That was two days ago, and only now am I ready to come down off the ceiling!

    Anyhow, if you think about it, this screen has nearly 4million sub-pixels, so 1 in that isn't too bad at all. As for the screen as a whole, it is excellent - the 181T, DVI, VGA and room to spread out is a great change from a succession of 12" laptop screens.

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    I tried Pixel Check and I seem to have 1 dead pixel.

    Maybe it was in the file I created.

    Lucky me...

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    Well I purchased a new 15inch 1.25Gig PB and it appears to have one bad one towards the right side. It appears like a white square in black, red and blue screens. I notice nothing in green and white screens. One day old!! Dammit!
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Just a note: before you start counting your misfortunes (dead pixels, that is), try brushing off the pixels that you suspect as dead with a tissue. I thought I had oodles of them (7 or so on a Studio 17), but all of the "dead" pixels came off when I brushed them with a Kleenex.
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