G5: Compatibility with older graphics cards

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I have a 1.8GHz G5, and I'm tempted to try installing an Apple 128MB GeForce4 Ti 4600 that I have "lying around".

The only thing is that the G5 is AGP 8x, and the card is 4x. I'm unsure if there are voltage differences etc., and the last thing I want to do is install the card and blow my shiny new G5 to Kingdom Come.

I simply don't know enough about the technicalities of these things...

... over to you guys!


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    should be just fine. as long as the card is a lower X (4x in an 8x slot) it shouldn't cause any porblems. i assume it's just a standard AGP port, right?

    if so, go for it.
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    I believe that the new spec does not support AGP 1.0... But I am not sure where I read that.
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    So I guess the next question is whether the GeForce4 Ti is going to be faster than the card in the G5?

    Does the AGP 8x really make that much of a difference?
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    Ahh, that'll be a NO then!

    The older card doesn't even physically fit.


    I could take some shots and post them if you like?
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