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Great work by the way, I realise that you are prolly mad busy with the front page stuff, but I would get the navigation standardised.

perhaps the left block stays the same, and the right block is page specific. eg

[home] [news] [forums] [chat] [contact us]

will always be on the left, then when on the news page, the right will be

[archives] [submit story] [anon mailer] ..etc

contact would be

[advertise] [anon mailer] [FAQ] ..etc

then with the exception of the home button, when you are in the forums the right hand site is already the actions related to the forum CP, register, search etc...

just seems logical to me... your thoughts ?


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    At least keep the site-wide links on the same side, please... When I enter the site, the forum link is on the right. When I enter the forums, it moves to the left. This leads to me normally spending several seconds looking around the page for the Forum link...
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