Changing the computer's owner's name

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My brand-new Al15 finally arrived today, so now I get to play with my first Mac ever I'm sure I'll be bombarding you guys with tons of questions as I get more into it, but I've just got one for now...

How do I change the owner's name that appears under "Mac OS X" at the login screen? Right now it says "ethar's Computer" but I'd rather have it display my full name instead of my user name. Any way to do this?



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    go to AppleMenu > System Preferences > Accounts

    then chose your acct and click on "edit user."

    there you can change the name...

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    Actually, no. That changes the account name.

    The computer name in 10.2 is stored at:

    System Preferences: Sharing

    It's at the top labeled "Computer Name".
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    etharethar Posts: 111member
    Sweet Thanks guys!
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    oops, what brad said.
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