gah Creative Suite by adobe..

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whats with all these updates being a once a year thing grrr... first jaguar last year.. then this year yet another.. then studio mx now MX2004.

Are they trying to get us for all we're worth?

anyone else having problems staying up to date?

yearly upgrades are pretty bogus, especially these upgrades most of which are just interface tweaks..

what do you think of all the this update madness?


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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    They don't expect you to update every year. Why would you update just to have the newest features and tweaks that you don't need? What do you expect the software companies to do, just sit around and twiddle their thumbs because you don't personally need something? They do it so people see stuff happening and the company looks better.
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    trust me dude its features we all need, but there are so sparingly there, and its touted as advancements in the interface... to make us feel obliged to update. The trend of updating crap once a year and us still having to pay the same amount (I'm find with paying just not so much for measily update mind you)Its just all going to turn into a big windows 95,98,98SE,ME fiasco...
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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    Problem is Illustrator is such a sh!tty OS X app that it desperately needs an update. Seriously, anything is welcome at this point. I'm sick of problems saving files because their 'busy', or bloated AdobeFntXX.lst files up to 100MB...
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    I tend to purchase every other major upgrade if I have to sink money into it. Exceptions have been with OS X, and SketchUp. Everything else I own has either had free upgrades, the upgrade has come from a peripheral (e.g., PS Elements), or I haven't upgraded. Early version upgrades of software like SketchUp 2 > 3 are much more worthwhile. By the time these products get above version 5 of their software, it's usually time for their developers to clean house and clean up all the barnacles both in the UI and under the hood. That's the problem with Photoshop IMO. They've done plenty of good work under the hood, but so many features of the app are so archaically organized and presented (or hidden as is often the case) with that it's accessible only to the initiated or by the aid of wizards and other less direct means of working with the image.
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