These delivery times are brutal!

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Hey people! I placed my order for the 12" Powerbook completely stock on Sept 26th at 1pm. I got an email back shortly thereafter saying it should be able to ship on or before October 10th!! 2 weeks! So much for the "impulse buy" lol..

Anyways, called the Apple Store up today to see if I ordered a 15" Powerbook if the wait would be any less. It would be the same or longer depending on the configuration?! Are they selling that many or just under the ball with their sales projections...Anyways, the more time I have before it arrives, the more I wonder about upgrading to the 1.25 Ghz model...but the 12" 'er was pretty cheap for at $1999 Cdn.

To those of you with 12" Powerbooks...I'm envious! 8)


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    You don't know how lucky you are - us Brit's have to wait a minimum of 2 weeks in most cases, in many it can be up to a month...

    I've now been waiting 12 days for my Powerbook - am hoping it wil be delivered tomorrow!
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    I'd go buy a stock 1 GHz 12" PB from the local Apple Store -- they got them in last Friday -- except that I want an 80 GB hard drive rather than the default 40 GB. I ordered right after the Paris keynote and was given a one-week shipping time, which of course was bumped another eight days at the last minute of the first seven days.

    From the stories I've been hearing, I'm more than half expecting my alleged "on or before 10/03/2003" date to slip yet again. If only the Apple Stores would install bigger hard drives for you, I'd give up on the online store entirely.

    Even the extra battery I ordered, which shows as shipping "on or before 09/30/2003", is on its last day for that to be true, and the order still shows as "open". I believe the batteries haven't changed since the last 12" PB, so I can't see why these are a problem.
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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member
    Sure enough, my extra battery's shipping date got bumped at the last minute... to 10/29! From the time I first placed my order, that would make it 6 weeks to send me a battery. Now, maybe, maybe it'll ship before the final date, but why should they even be having to estimate that long for a simple battery?

    The 12" PowerBook itself still says "On or before 10/03/2003", but as we've all come to know, if there are going to be any delays, no matter how long Apple has been aware of those delays, your status info doesn't get changed until late into the final day of the old estimate.
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