Burning with Superdrive

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
i seem to get errors(this happened before on another computer) when i try to burn dvds with toast, making the dvd-r unusuable. but with finder, i have to wait so long for it to copy the files over to the disc THEN burn... is this the only way to burn dvds?


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    more details plz.

    system spec ?

    what version of toast ?

    Have you tried burning at a slower speed ?

    is the DVD-R media rated above or equal to the speed you are trying to burn ?
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    i have powerbook 17 with 2x drive, i tried to burn on 2x dvd-r, toast 5.2. i got the error several seconds into burning. no i haven't tried burning at slower speed
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    I know you said you are using dvd-r discs, but I heard some dvd-rw discs need to be erased before you first burn them. Wierd I know, but I heard it works.
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