WTF! Pop-up's in Safari?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I've been using Safari since day one and have never ever seen a Pop-up, but today I've seen quite a few of these disgusting little buggers. How is that possible? (Yes, the pop-up blocker is turned on)

The latest program added to my Mac (Cube, OS X 10.2.8 ) was the RealOne Player 9.0. I know that the real-player is pure manure, but can it take control over other apps?

Or is there another sinister explanation?


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    Which sites?
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    Try downloading PithHelmet. Find the popups, and then block the link for the popup(or just the domain, if it comes from an ad server), and reload the page. It shouldn't appear.

    Actually, you might get a blank box with that little blue question mark.
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    Originally posted by hmurchison

    Which sites?

    I have been following the "TraitorGate" all day and must have visited at least 30-40 sites (Sorry, inaccurate description, mostly Pop-backs - not Pop-ups). Didn't see them before I closed the window and thus have now idea of their origin.

    I'm not sure, but I think one popped up while I was here actually. But then again i had just blown a fuse at the real-player and didn't pay much attention to the current site...
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