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Because in 10 to 20 years they will probably be gone .

Sad. Orangutans are one of our closest relatives and incredibly intelligent primates...

We (humanity as a whole) really seem to be wiping out the natural order of things...for only our material or consumptive pleasures...

I'm done. You can go back to the "Pope Watch"...


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    very sad indeed
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    Wait wait wait.... now I thought it was to be understood that since there are Orangutans in Plant of the Apes that we didn't have any worries. I figured we were the endangered species....

    If this article is correct perhaps I should convert that Monkey Attack fallout shelter in my basement to meeting place for my new club, "Order of the Orangutans". I figure Rowlings might sue me but it's worth it for our primate friends...

    EDIT: Did you know that in Indonesian you can buy an Orangutan for about $240 (American)? Also if you are interested in preservation you might enjoy this group
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    Monkey Attack shelter? Paranoia, paranoia, hahahaaa.

    Indonesia seems to take the steps legally...but you can't say that they don't pocket some money with these woodsmen...you know, announcing the specific times they DO come into the forest ahead of time. Maybe its all a scam.

    More than likely the only places an orangutan will survive will be in captivity...then we'll educate and exploit them as servants...THEN they'll revolt...so keep that shelter handy for future generations I guess.
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    Given a 20 year horizon, I might put *humans* on the engangered species list too. Monkies may yet outlive us. The absolute lack of compassion and logic in many modern societies is truly scary. We won't need a frickin meteorite a km long to do us in, we'll manage all by ourselves I think... More "Bush in 2004" or "Joe Millionaire" anyone? How about a heaping helping of North Korea or Saudi Arabia? Some R Kelly perhaps?

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    Originally posted by segovius

    Popewatch, Orangutan watch - same sh*t.

    Pauline Xianity teaches that man is created as the superior being in the universe with 'power over the beasts' which exist for his own purposes to eat or do whatever else to.

    I put it to you there is a connection. You wouldn't have had to post this if we were at the tail end of 2000 years of Buddhism - or almost any religion other than Judeo-Xianity come to that.

    It's not just sad, it's an outrage but it isn't too late to stop it (and all the other crap). It just needs extreme measures.

    I'm done too...

    Normally I'd let nonsense like this pass, but it's a slow day...

    Most branches of Christianity, Pauline or otherwise - teach that Mankind was given "dominion" over the earth in the Garden of Eden.

    Now to liberals, the word "dominion" means unchecked, absolute power, free-for-all, anything goes, interns-in-the-Oval-Office, whatever-makes you-happy morality.

    To Christians (as most of the other thinking masses), the word implies a responsibilty to tend, to take care of, to safeguard and the like. This is a global problem and we're all at fault, buddhists and all.

    Don't project your crazy hysteria and faulty assumptions onto devout people whose beliefs you obviously have little understanding of.
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