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I've read that you can place the 'Home' icon in the Dock, but can't figure out how . I've tried various key+drag options, and it either opens the folder, does nothing, or removes it from the Finder toolbar!!! Can someone please enlighten a Mac newbie?

Also, I would like to change the 'Macintosh HD' icon. I have an icon I want to use, and some instructions on how to do it, but is there a way to restore it to it's original icon? Currently it's a hard disk (pretty ugly!), but I want to replace it with an iMac icon, but I'd liek to have the option to go back if I don't like the new one .




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    For the Home folder, open a Finder window and navigate to it. Click and hold on it, and drag it to the Dock on the side of the line where the Trash resides. This side of the line is for folders and windows, the other is for app icons.

    Edit: Don't try and drag icons from the Toolbar. Those are just shortcuts. To place something in the Dock you need to go to the actual object, hence you have to FInder-navigate to /Users/yourhome

    To change the HD icon, first go the icon you want and right click (or control click if you're a one-button mouse guy), and pick Get Info. When the little window pops up, click on the icon and go to the Edit menu in the Menu Bar to pick "Copy". Close the window, and do Get Info on the Hard Drive icon. Click on THAT icon, and go to Edit->Paste. Voila!

    If you decide to revert, just go back to the Hard Drive icon, do Get Info, and then pick Erase in the Edit menu. You will be back to the old HD icon (which is the default "internal drive" icon).

    Edit: Just as a quick note, when you click on icons in the Get Info window you'll see a little blue "aura" around them telling you you've selected them correctly.
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    To the first, open a new Finder window and go to your home directory. Now, press apple-uparrow on the keyboard to go to the parent directory. Now, select the home icon in that directory and drag it normally to the Dock.

    Yes, you can change the icon. Simply select the hard drive icon, and press apple-i, choose Get Info from the File menu, or right-click it and choose Get Info. In the info window, click the icon and you will see that is receives the selection glow like when tabbing between text boxes. Now, go find what you want to use as the icon and copy it. If the icon belongs to another file (say, if you downloaded some icons from a web site), Get Info on that other file, select the icon, and press apple-c to copy it. Then, paste it onto the icon for the hard drive. Simple as that!

    If you ever want to revert to the default icon, Get Info for the drive again, select the icon, and press the delete key.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh, and remember to change the name of the hard drive from that bland old "Macintosh HD" to something with a little more personality, style, and pizzaz. To many Mac users, the drive names are as important as other niceties like the desktop picture.

    Here are my drives, for example

    edit: Bah! Beaten to the punch.
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    Ahh...victory is sweet.

    (blows smoke from gun barrel and reholsters)
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    Thanks for the replies / instructions.

    1) Home icon in Dock: Check.

    2) New iMac icon to replace original Mac HD: Check.

    3) New name for Mac HD: Not yet decided. I'll think of something though...


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