exchange for powerbook 17" 1ghz

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I recently bought an Apple powerbook 1.25 with 80gig hd, superdrive for about $2599. The only problem I had with it is that the mobility Radeon 9700 video card is not supported in linux. I really need linux compatibility for my development projects.

So, I am looking to exchange my new powerbook for a 17" powerbook 1ghz, 512mb, superdrive model.

The condition of the new powerbook is immaculate, no dead pixels, and comes in excellent condition. It is less than a week old. I will ship all the included materials. I would like a machine in the same type of condition ( i.e. no dead pixels, scratches, all documentation, Cds, extra) Since there is a difference of $100, the person should cover shipping for both powerbooks. If it is older than 6 months, maybe we can come with a different arrangement.

I will give $300-350 and my powerbook for a new revision 17" if anyone wants to trade to a more portable machine.

I really do not want to go through Ebay and I believe this would be a good way for both parties (avoid all selling expenses.) I am a well respected seller on ebay.

PM me if anyone is interested.check my feedback!

I have sold laptops before on Ebay, so rest assured that I am a honest seller/buyer.


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