exchange for 17"

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I have a new powerbook 15" Aluminum 1.25, with all standard options (i.e. superdrive,512mb, and backlit keyboard.) I'm looking to exchange it for a bigger screen powerbook.

If anyone is interested in trading for an older 17" powerbook, 1ghz, 512mb, etc, I would trade my one week old laptop for the 15" aluminum and a small amount of cash. (Or best offer). I would like to get the older one because I do alot of development on linux, and there are no mobility 9600 drivers available for X11.

Also, I would be willing to give cash and my new powerbook for the newer revision 17".

I figure some people would like to trade down to the 15". My model is in perfect condition, screen has no dead pixels, and I haven't registered my computer with apple yet.

Please PM if anyone is interested.




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