iPod with detachable front face ...

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Here is what the next ipod will be.

Exactly the same as 3 rd generation one except :

- The front face snaps on and off .

- When snapped off the ipod, it works as a remote for controlling the ipod ( hard drive part ) In fact it will feel like an ipod , just thinner.

- The dock will only carry the hard drive separated from the front face which will ensure the IR part ( receiver transmitter )of the hard drive is powered by the dock and shut off when front face is attached.

- When the front face is detached it comes with a rechargable batterie ( low duration ) to operate the remote IR tranmission.

- New docks with just the harddrive part will be smaller and easily integrated with other sound devices ( car stereos , home stereos ) that will operate completely commanded by the remote ( front face).

whariasink ?


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    geddoegeddoe Posts: 45member
    2 problems

    1) What can be lost will be lost

    2)Your snap off plate would have to have its own battery. Increasing size and weight of the total package
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    nijiniji Posts: 288member

    excellent idea.

    also, very very apple, really.

    this solves so many problems: like the mess of cords; less weight to carry in yr shirt pocket, and leave the rest of the mass/weight in a bag, or something that you are carrying.

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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    with all these "copycats" coming and there associated online music buying, ipod needs to keep ahead. solve some problems i see are as follows.

    home integration in a simple format to attach to home stereo with remote.

    integration with your car in a seemless manor, not just a stand that connectgs with a "cassette" tape adapter or fm transmitter, get rid of the wires., seemless integration. like you say you want to carry yoour music with you easily. how about a trunk mount that prevents someone from stealing the head unit, or a unit that allows it to slide into the dash with security controls . or that removable faceplate carries security components so with out lthe face unit then i t wont work

    voice recording---make it everything to a busy student, corporate user and home user. take notes, hook it to your PB then it "types the recorded message or allows you to send, email, archive stuff. I'd love to take that to a conference, listen to music, record then latter type it out, hey the stenographers/ courts would love this.

    adding these things insures a future and expands it's usefullness. make it a must have.
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    formatc2formatc2 Posts: 176member
    I like the detatchable front face idea, not your spaced-out idea, but the simplicity of buying third party faceplates, just like mobile phones have.

    This would open up the iPod to more developers, buzz, etc.

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    Just as long as the iPod doesn't somehow get annoying ring tones that play the god damn national anthem, I think I can live with an end user's horrendous taste in aesthetics... maybe.
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