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I'm thinking about applying to WU, does anyone have any personal opinions, what they've heard, perhaps some friends who have gone there? From the description at PrincetonReview.com, it's supposed to be academically rigorous but party-like on the weekends (which sounds pretty good to me ). The institution is ranked 9th overall (I believe) on US Rankings and has a very prestigious medical school (I'm planning to go premed so I assume that deparment is about on par). They're very good on financial aid, give many merit scholarships each year, etc.

My high school record as of right now is this:

3.86 GPA (unweighted), and our school doesn't calculate class rank

One AP credit from last year (Calculus AP) and almost all honors courses in previous years

EC: JV Tennis, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society (Treasurer), Foreign Cultures Club (Treasurer), World Affairs, Student Humanitarian Organization, Debate, BOSS, Science Club, City Youth Council

1480 SAT I, 760 SAT II Math IIC, 720 Writing, (planning to take Bio next month).

Current classes: Chem AP, Bio 2, Spanish 4 AP, Debate, US Gov, Comp Sci AP, and Advanced Composition AP.

Could I get in, and if so, would I want to?


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    I have a friend that visited their campus (she's at Rhodes College in Memphis now), and she said it was very "well-to-do." The people there were quite impersonable (to put it too bluntly, snobby), and she really didn't feel right there. You're going to have to eventually visit those campuses which you're seriously interested in -- I did, and it made all the difference. I got into Rice, but after the visit just really didn't see why I should go there over UH (well, that, and UH was paying my way vs. Rice's offer of, eh, NOTHING thanks to my family's standing). I think you might see the same thing if you visited Washington -- do you really want to dish out more than $30k/year to go to a school where the atmosphere just isn't that enocouraging? But you need to decide for yourself by visiting -- and be sure you know where the money's coming from because that's all you need to finish college - time and money.

    P.S. I was really interested in Washington U. as well - was nominated for the Danforth Scholarship there, but it was just too expensive and far away for me to seriously consider it.
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