WIFI, Blutooth printing options with new AlBook?

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I'm getting my 12.1" Superdive AlBook next week ... have ordered the bluetooth keyboard and am currently pricing big flat panel LCD monitors ...

BUT, my perfect system would have wireless printing ...

Do any of the current bluetooth printer adaptors (I believe HP and Epson both have them) support printing from Macintosh? Or am I better off hooking up some sort of WiFi print adaptor? Does Linksys have a wireless router / hub that supports printing thru WiFi?

Overall I'm very disappointed at the state of the BlueTooth "standard" -- everything seems non-standard. Wasn't the whole point of this heavily hyped "standard" going to be the elimination of connection hassles and more specifically, drivers? I thought every BT device was supposed to communicate it's capabilities to every other BT device within range, and they'd all be one happy gang of compatible components.

Thanks for any advice!


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    well i'm not sure exactly how you are setting up your network but this is how I have mine set up with no problems.

    I have a new 15in Alu that I use all the time.

    Next I bought a Netgear614 (no sure on the number but all i know is I got a great 802.11g router for $65 through amazon). Connected that wireless router to my old imac 400mhz through a ethernet cable. Then my usb epson 740 is connecting to my imac. I can print from my powerbook anywhere in the house. Very nice and have no problems.

    I do have the HP deskjet 5150 and I cannot do shared printing with that printer. If anyone knows how to get that printer to share please let me know.

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    You don't want to print over bluetooth. It is way way too slow. Even printing over WiFi can be time consuming if it is a large print or a photo. I understand the desire to go wireless, being a 12" PB owner myself, but if you do go WiFi.

    HP offeres a nice adapter that will plug into any of their recent USB inkjets. That's what I would look into.
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