Quark 4.1 to Quark 6 migration

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I'm looking to migrate several computers from Quark 4 to 6. The problem is that we have to deal with others who aren't planning to migrate yet, so to share files we need to be able to save back down to 4's file format, and this can't be done from 6.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any Xtensions that add the options to save to 4 from 6? I know you can save to version 5, and from Quark 5 you can save to 4, but I'm not buying obsolete software so i can save back to 4.

There's no excuse for Quark not to include a save to 4 option- I know it's standard practice to only support the previous version's format, but you'd have thought given the miniscule take up of version 5 they'd have provided a way to save files that the most popular version of Quark can read. Not doing so just emphasises all that is wrong with Quark.

And yes I know InDesign is great etc etc, but I'm not in a position to implement that sort of migration.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated


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    Actually, no. But what I have done (I am having work do the same) is either buy one new, or used (from retailer, or ebay, etc.) of QuarkXpress version 5. This way when I used 6, I can output to .pdf format. (Using distiller of course, I am not too sure about the non-adobe pdf creation from 6 yet.) I can save in version 5. But since most of the "free world" does not us QuarXpress 5 files, I have my older version of Xpress 5 around to save back to version 4. I know this kinda sucks, but it would only require one copy of 5 and that would be your savior in times of need. Quark really should pull thier heads out, the weather is nice out today.
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    Save yourself the big headache I am going through now. Wait until Quark releases an update for 6. You will have font problems, printing problems and compatibility problems. It seems that 6 does not like files created from 4. We have found even if you try to wash the file in 5 you still run into walls. This is especially the case if you move files from computer to computer. I would say that Quark 6 is still in beta, even though they are making the general public pay for it. They should have spent more time developing a usable software package, and spent less time on their "anti piracy" security. Adobe seems to still be in business without one.
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