What kind of RAM is this?

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I was given this stick of RAM but I have no idea what it is. It says 512MB DDR266 . It does not say 2100 or 2700 or anything for that matter.


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    Darn! I was hoping it was 2700 so I could use it in my Powerbook!
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    DDR200 = PC1600 <Yes there is such a thing... old servers.

    DDR266 = PC2100 <Standard we all know and love.

    DDR333 = PC2700 <What I have in my PC.

    DDR400 = PC3200 <In the high end G5 models.

    DDR433 = PC3500 <Geil is famous for this (on the PC side)

    DDR466 = PC3700 <Nice

    DDR500 = PC4000 <Very Nice

    DDR533 = PC4200 <Not even a standard yet. Crazy...

    Note: That some DDR past 400 is just DDR400/DDR333 that can clock higher and gets rebranded.
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