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hi All,

i tried to hunt, but couldn't find anything on this that solved my problem.

i have my own website and of course associated email address, which was one of the reasons to get a domain name. i much rather prefer to use to read and write emails than the webmail interface i get with the hosting of my website.

now i have tried various ways of getting those emails into my, including that httpmail bundle on sourceforge from Danial Parnell which was written for hotmail and so i thought it would be easy to implement for me. but it doesn't work, i.e. it cannot find my email at the server

mail.<mydomainname> which apparently my company says i should use.

my question is:

should it have worked with Daniel's package and so is something else wrong (the new place that i am at has some issuse with ssh'ing in and out).

or else, what should i do, i.e. do i have to start understanding IMAPing etc.




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    First of all, I'm completely clueless, so let's get that out of the way.

    Second, when I use my website's email address, like, it's usually just a POP account (although on one website, I can turn on IMAP). If it's a POP account, I use to get and send email using the address that the web host gave me for my website (with corresponding accounts).

    If I use the IMAP feature, then I tell that it's an IMAP account, and it checks the server for me.

    This is all under the assumption that the website lies in some web host out there. If your hosting from your own computer, then all bets are off. Then you get into sendmail and other stuff that's even further over my head.
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    HTTPmail ONLY works with Hotmail. Its in the read-me, on the website and many other very noticeable places.

    Just because your ISP has a webmail front-end it doesn't mean you need to pick-up mail through HTTP. Call your ISP and get your POP/IMAP and SMTP server settings.
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