GoldMine Contact Manager?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

Has anyone used GoldMine or GoldMine Server software on PCs?

My company's Sales Dept will be forced to migrate from Mac OS 9 using Act! to PCs running GoldMine. Im just looking for heads-up type info and warnings, etc...

Any chance of it coming to OS X?



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    I've used an EXCELLENT CRM called DayLite. It is ten thousand times better than the Mac "Category Leader," Now Contact and Up-to-Date. DayLite is an excellent program for people in sales who want to track their leads, contacts, the sales process, and share it with others. (In other words, competition for PC's ACT! and Goldmine

    If you have any power, get everyone to use that program. Their customer support is terrific too. I was getting e-mails all the time from a really nice, helpful person. When I looked her up on the site, I realized it was their president!

    Our company was this close to buying Virtual PC, and getting ACT!, but I found this program at the last minute, and it changed everything!! You can download a demo on their site.
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