How do I resize menu fonts?

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I have been searching for a way to enlarge menu fonts in OS X. Context menus included. In Windows, every element of the GUI is customizable and resizable. There does not seem to be much control in Mac OS X. Are there any third party apps out there that will do what I need? I have very poor vision and need to get very close to the screen to see certain elements. Resizing text inside of apps is easy enough. It is just the text controlled by the system that seems to be off limits.


Thank you.


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    th0rth0r Posts: 78member
    System Preferences > Universal Access > Seeing > Turn on Zoom
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    mac voyermac voyer Posts: 1,294member
    Thanks, but I already use that feature. It gets to be somewhat tedious to zoom everytime I need to look at a context menu. If I could just make larger, the things I need to, it would be much more useful. Apple does not seem to have any interest in making such customization available, but third party developers might. If you have any other suggestions, I am all ears... err... eyes.
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    foadfoad Posts: 717member
    Try this and see if it helps.

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