Creative Nomad Zen

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I was wondering if the Creative Nomad Zen (usb 2.0) is compatible with iTunes... Any help would be great, and don't say get an iPod because I can't afford one.



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    I don't think it's compatible. I remember reading through the Creative forums and people were asking about compatibility and no one answered.
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    ryukyuryukyu Posts: 448member
    I know you said don't say get an iPod, but how much are you getting a Zen for?

    You can get a reconditioned 20 gb iPod from Apple for $269.00.

    If you can't use the Zen with iTunes, you're way better off going with the refurbed iPod, that is, assuming the price is close. Unless you're getting some kind of super deal, I think they're pretty close.
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    Fsck the Nomad Zen. I'd rather have no music than this piece of shit. Seriously dude, it just plain sux.

    Ohhhhh, maybe you should buy the new Dell Digital Jukebox! That thing rocks! (/sarcasm)
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