Network Printing/Drivers

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hey all,

This is semi-hardware, but it's more a drivers issue than anything...

I had some weirdness trying to get my new PB12 to see my Canon printer. For some reason the drivers wouldn't install - when you'd click on them, nothing happened. Luckily OSX is UNIX so I was able to chmod the executable... THAT was weird.

I plugged the printer in to USB to make sure it works, and Print Center sees it and likes it, finds the driver and everything.

But this printer is uaually on a print server. I moved it back and told Print Center I want IP Printing, gave it the IP Address and... ummm... where are the drivers?

The list of drivers doesn't include Canon. Choosing "Other" lets me look through the harddrive for drivers. And I hve NO idea where to look!

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