Quake 3 misery...............

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I can't for the life of me get this damn thing to work with punkbuster. I've read on other message boards what to do but nothing works. Here's what I did:

1. Download lasted 132 patch

2. Copy pak0.pk3 file from CD to baseq folder

3. Install punkbuster from Quake 3 folder

4. Try webpb in home pb folder

I can play after step three but get knocked into spectator mode because of old version of punkbuster. When I use webpb, the game loads and just as I'm about to join a match... the game crashes. I've tried this several times, a couple different ways... trashed application support, etc. Nothing. Anyone know what I need to do to get this game to work correctly?


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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    God I had this problem but can't remember the solution. Did you turn it on within Q3?

    Maybe I had to use the update feature within Q3?

    Sorry HTH
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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,452member
    Yeah you have to turn it on within the Quake3 multiplayer menu.

    I ran the webpb updater on the PB folder within my home folder under libraries/applicationsupport/quake2/pb

    It took a heck of a long time to update and after it did. I could FINALLY run Quake3 online.

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    akumulatorakumulator Posts: 1,111member
    Yeah, I turned it on in the multiplayer menu. I don't know what the deal is.... well, yeah I do.... it's the webpb because at least I can join a match before I install it. Afterwards........ CRASH. maybe I have an old version of webpb... I don't think so. I'll keep trying.

    edit: it's pbweb, sorry.
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    akumulatorakumulator Posts: 1,111member
    I think I found the solution, in case you're interested. This is on the evenbalance punkbuster website:

    NOTICE: PunkBuster is designed to auto-update itself during gameplay. PBWEB is the easiest method of manually updating PunkBuster for most users (players and admins).

    The following files are only needed if your PunkBuster doesn't update by itself.

    So... I guess I'll trash everything and reinstall.... run quake and let it autoupdate during a match once I get bumped into spectator mode. I didn't know punkbuster autoupdated. I dumb.... I'll let you know if it works.
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    akumulatorakumulator Posts: 1,111member
    Alright... it wasn't that. BUT, I think I know what it is. The firewall? Anyone know how to set up the built in OS X firewall to allow me to connect to punkbuster? Is it a proxy? On the punkbuster site it says I need to allow ports 24300-24350. I clicked the new button and entered this information and restarted, but still get errors when autoupdating. I don't really know much about firewalls... I just have mine on.
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    etharethar Posts: 111member
    Turn off your firewall and try letting PunkBuster autoupdate. If that doesn't work, just turn it back on and try something else.
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    Not that it helps... but this is why I play UT.
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