experiment for the white spots

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
hey will someone try something for me as a test? bring up a white page so you can see your white spots better, then GENTLY put pressure on the backside of the lid. see if that changes the spots. what i'm thinking is that the white spots are from too much pressure on the lid so it pushes the inside of the lid close to the screen. if this is the case, then your spots should grow when you apply pressure, but they should disappear if somehow you can expand the inside of the top lid. this would be muuuuuch appreciated. thanx!


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    I tried that. Interesting results. The spots don't get bigger or go away, but if you flex the panel just slightly, you get those colored/liquid effects just over the spots. So say I were to put pressure on a spot where there are NO white spots, the liquid effect happens AT or ON the white spots...implying that it is indeed a manufacturing/physical issue.
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