New iPod won't connect to iTunes 4

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I bought a Windows 10GB iPod with touch pad refurbished for $169 from Apple. I want this to work with my Mac so I ran the iPod Software Update 1.3. It says on the iPod itself that I my type of iPod is 1.3 and it mentions using iTunes so I am pretty sure the update worked. But when I connect the iPod via Firewire it doesn't show up in iTunes. First the Apple logo shows. Then it says "OK to disconnect" for a few seconds. Then it says "Do not disconnect" with the flashing sign and stays that way. I think this means the battery needs charging. But I charged it for 1 hour with the power supply and like three hours via the computer while it said "Do not disconnect". When disconnected the battery indicator in the top right corner of iPod has the full three or four bars indicating it is charged. Any ideas what to do?


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    Did you reformat it?
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    "Q: Can I convert a Mac iPod to a Windows iPod or vice versa?

    A: Yes. You can convert either format iPod to the other.

    To convert a Windows iPod into a Mac iPod, just download iPod Software Updater 1.3 for Mac OS 9 or iPod Software Updater 1.3 for Mac OS X. Once the appropriate Updater has been installed onto your Mac, run it while your Windows iPod is connected to the FireWire port on the Mac. Be sure to select "Restore" instead of "Update".

    To convert a Mac iPod into a Windows iPod, connect the Mac iPod to the FireWire port on your PC and then run the Windows 1.3 iPod Updater, selecting "Restore".

    NOTE: Running Restore from the iPod Updater reformats your iPod's HDD and will therefore delete all the MP3s stored there - make sure the MP3s you want to keep are saved elsewhere, like on your computer. Performing a conversion may violate your iPod's warranty and/or Apple will not give you any support for your iPod after having converted it."
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