AI & Safari = severe caching problems

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okay, for those of us NOT blessed with pre-release versions of panther (and thereby safari), there is something about the combo of the AI forums and safari that are causing me no end of caching headaches. i don't get this on any other message board (well, it seems like it). even searching is pulling up OLD results.

is this all safari's fault? or can something to be done? do recent versions of safari included with panther help correct the issue?

c'mon, give me something to look forward to...


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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    actually, now i am notcing it on other forum based message boards. not sure if they are all exhibiting the behavior, though. it's getting awful. i have to hit "refresh" after every page load to make sure i am seeing the latest info.
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    This is entirely Safari's fault as far as we can tell. Sorry. \
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    Originally posted by Brad

    This is entirely Safari's fault as far as we can tell. Sorry. \

    well, does it get better with panther's version, from what you can see?

    also, it seemes to have gotten ten times WORSE since i updated to 10.2.8.

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    Yes, the problem has been fixed since the earliest builds of Safari 1.1 back at the WWDC.
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