Starcraft Teams (Need some Dr. Phil type advice)

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Can any of you gamers out there explain to me what the benefits are for a young college-age kid to join a Starcraft "team"? Secondly, what IS a Starcraft team and how do they make money? What if that kid lived in the States, was in his second year of college and was unexpectedly requested to join a Starcraft team after scoring well in a tournament in that team's hometown...which happens to be in South Korea? With no salary, only room & board?

Is there any real career path at the end of that road or should his parents jerk a knot in this kid's ass and make him stay at home? What kind of advice can I pass along?


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    That depends what kind of 'team' youre talking about... That could be anything from a clan which is only a name in most cases, to something quite a bit more...

    But unless he is REALLY good, and can kick every single person's ass in that game he knows and more, then there's no future in Starcrafting.
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    Is there any real career path?

    Uhhh, let's think about that for a minute.

    It's a game. It's a five-year old game. No one I know still plays it. Most players themselves are high school or college kids. Do these kids have money? Where does the money come from? Who in their right mind would sponsor and pay people to play such an old game whose strategies are limited and have been mapped out a thousand times over?

    Now what are your thoughts?
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    Starcraft is crazy (no understatement) popular in S. Korea. There are basically TV programs dedicated to the thing.

    As for career path...

    its life... live it, learn from it. It only comes around once. You like starcraft? Go for it.

    Never live life with regret.
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    Yeah, I have decided (for now) not to interject my opinion into this issue. If the kid can get his folks to send him onward to S.Korea then let him go. If he learns to speak Korean, then comes back to finish school, he'll have a bunch of contacts which could pay off later in his professional life.

    I REALLY like Airsluf's commentary...very valuable cultural information!
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