Thrashers' Dan Snyder Dies of His Injuries...

in General Discussion edited January 2014 very sad for Dan's family, the Thrashers organization and the NHL in general.

Heatley was a fool for driving the way he did, where he did, but in the end I hope the Synder family embraces him and shows him some compassion. He's apparently a pretty sensitive kid and something like this could mentally destroy a person. Let's hope they find a way to get through it together, lest two lives be ruined and not one...


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    rageousrageous Posts: 2,170member
    This is such a tragedy. I really feel deeply sorry for everyone involved. Unfortunately, a few moments of stupidity have ruined many lives.

    I've met Heatley and he is a very nice guy. He even bought my dinner at the restaurant I met him at. I know this will weigh heavily on his heart.

    But acting like an ass in an ultra-high performance sports car invites tragedy. A fact I'm sure he's painfully aware of now.

    I wish the best to Mr. Heatley and his family and offer my deepest condolences to the Snyder family.
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    willoughbywilloughby Posts: 1,457member

    Originally posted by rageous

    But acting like an ass in an ultra-high performance sports car invites tragedy.

    I think it was 18 years ago that this same thing happend to Pelle Lindbergh.
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    rageousrageous Posts: 2,170member
    Yes, it has been 18 years.
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    artman @_@artman @_@ Posts: 2,546member
    "Heatley, who posted a $50,000 bond, already faced a felony charge of serious injury by vehicle and three misdemeanor counts. Police were awaiting test results to determine if Heatley was drinking on the night of the wreck."

    Tough shit. Sorry, I have no sympathy for drunk or reckless drivers. My sympathies to Dan Snyder's family go out though...but should have known better...
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    I usually have the same thoughts, but my first reaction to this was wow, shit can hit the fan so easily.

    I'm by no means a reckless driver, but I've had friends in my car while driving this fast, and have been in other cars doing the same. I always thought I was doing it under control, and we weren't in danger...but maybe that's what these guys thought at the time too.

    Terrible tragedy. Just reminds you how fragile life is, and how easily things can get out of control. A little fun in the new fast car, and all of a sudden your friend is dead and you're looking at up to 15 years in jail.

    So sad when a life is ended so early, and in such a meaningless way.

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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    The problem is, *very few* licensed drivers are both trained appropriately and skilled enough to drive a Ferrari. The physics and behavior of the car are completely different from most sports cars (which are front-heavy, even if they are rear-wheel drive). It's like going from a Moped to a 1000cc crotch-rocket.

    Heatley has been known for his aggressive driving behavior and when you put someone like that in a car like a Ferrari, on winding, hilly roads... it's a recipe for disaster. Controlling a car like his at 80 or 90 mph is actually more difficult than controlling a Mercedes or BMW at those speeds, on the same road.

    If you're not trained to handle it, you're going to kill someone most likely... sad that there are no special license requirements to drive such a vehicle. I hold the dealership at least partially responsible for selling a car like that to a kid in his early 20's, who had no prior experience driving them.
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