Additional folders/pages on iDisk Homepage?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
How can I make more than one folder available on my Homepage from my iDisk? I would like to have several, each with a different password for different clients.

I notice the tab 'Public' on the iDisk Homepage, but when clicked offers no more folders. Is it possible to add to this with passwords?

(It's also time to offer more designs for this page. I currently use Graphite, the only vaguely professional looking option, but not at all cool.)


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    log on to .mac and go to homepage ... it gives you many options there for creating additional sites on your .mac space ... just look at the screen for a bit and you'll figure it out !
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    jasonfjjasonfj Posts: 530member
    I can see how to add pages, but can't work out how to point them to different folders on my iDisk. Each 'Download Homepage' I create has the same content.
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