preventing remote login for one user

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I'm trying to create a user on my machine that guests to my home can use to check their e-mail and surf the Web. I would like to set this user up with a fairly obvious password (like "guest") so that people don't need my help every time they want to log in.

I'm confident in the physical security of my machine (i.e., no one's going to get into my office without my knowledge -- and if they do, I have bigger problems than the fact that they'll be able to access a user account on my computer). However, I don't want to leave myself open to outside attacks. I have ssh access set up under my user account. I know that when you set up a new user, you can turn off "remote access" and the like under the Sharing panel. Will this ensure that the ONLY way to log in as this user will be at the computer's physical keyboard?

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    jfruhjfruh Posts: 34member
    OK, so I just tried this and discovered that ssh can only be turned on and off for the whole machine at the Sharing panel, not on a per-user basis. Anyone with any ideas on how to turn it on and off for a single user?

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