My one-thousandth post. What to say?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
You know... after all this time (and numerous screen names) I'd expect this moment to be somehow grander.... I thought that I'd have something profound to say. I thought that at the very least my thread would be one such as "Whatcha listening to" or "There is no G5"... but instead I am at a lack of words for what to say. So instead of simply posting it in another thread about the California Elections or the issues with 10.2.8 or even the long rumored iBook updates.... I figure I'll create this thread for the big 1K and be done with it.

I'd like to thank the Mac community for being one hell of a user base. I'd like to thank the admins for putting up with members, and I'd like to thank the members for putting up with the mods, and I'd like to thank the mods for putting up with both.

And now, here's to the next 1 grand posts.

Hopefully they will bring me as much fulfillment as the last thousand have.

It has been a privilege to be a part of your community.


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