Apple needs to demo THIS hub everywhere...

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The newest Mac store in Portland, Ore. is setting up an actually operational digital hub home.

I haven't seen it yet, but descriptions of the technology and such I think will make the future of the digital hub practical.

Years ago some of us were speculating on whether Apple woould change its corporate structure into Home, Business and Creative divisions. I thought it a good, but remote chance since the Business end was pretty lame at the time and the dotcom collapse hindered alot of investment in structural change.

Now things are different. Apple has aquired several companies in the Creative fields of video and audio. The Xserves and G5's are finally a real foundation for business and enterprise if they can just get partnered with Oracle and others a little better. And the iPod is something of a trojan horse into the Homes of PC users. With the somewhat successful Switcher campaign and Apple Stores moving to a profit situation, the Mac is even more situated as a real alternative to the Windows world in the home.

So now I think it is time for Apple to divide itself (like Gaul) into 3 parts: Home, Business and Creative. Education and Supercomputing ('a la Virginia Tech) can be done as they are now, or added to one of the other three.

This little Mac store in Portland will show what the Apple stores can't. That the digital hub is POSSIBLE, EASY and finally AFFORDABLE in a way that is not being described in the Wintel world.

To do this special, directed marketing and solutions-producing and driven retailing, I think Apple needs to have seperate marketing departments and sales/support staff.

It is time Apple show why it is a viable and THE best solution in all areas of computing and they shouldn't have to wait for little reseller stores in Oregon to do it!!

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    Microsoft did something like this at Comdex(I think it was Comdex). Apple should do one at MWSF or AppleExpo.
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