Remove G5 CD/DVD drive

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I looked in the manual and can't find out how to remove the CD/DVD drive. There are two tabs that unlock but there is something I am missing because it won't slide out. Do you have to remove the metal shield first?




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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    It is the only device that has a standard power connector. (To power a mod) But I have to get to it...

    EDIT: This is exactly what I am going to do, except diffuse the light and it would be blue. Clickity
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    The instructions are on page 79 of the manual. It looks like the power connector plugs in inside the PCI slot cooling zone, so you unplug that and the open the metal tabs to get the drive out.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member

    How did I miss that? I checked the book!

    Oh, its been one of those days...\

    Coolness. Thanks BlueRabbit.8)

    (Some early apple computers have, like, a 10 step process that must be followed in order. The CD is probably just stuck. I'll try again.)
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    elderlocelderloc Posts: 146member
    I had issues removing my Sony DVD-R in the one at home. Some of the machines have sligthy warped mount plate and you have to lightly pry on the face area of the drive to get it unstuck.

    Also there are atleast two different types of standoffs for the drives. Different ones for the Pioneer, from the Sony may be yet another for the Combo Drive.

    When I go my Dual for home the tray would stick till I pushed down on it. When we got one in at work it worked much better an did not stick. I noticed a big difference in noise levels between the sony and Pioneer. Also I have a 9800 at home and it is really loud compared to the stock 9600. The stock machine is dead silent.
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    G5's have either a Sony, Pioneer, or Toshiba drive in them. Many problems with the drives doors not opening due to the wrong feet being put on some drives when installed and the warping of the mounting platform. Drives are not all the same thickness and when the wrong feet are installed the drive sits to high. I had new feet sent to me and when replaced, the pioneer drive finally worked. A real hassle after 3 months of waiting. the drive needs to be removed and the little metal feet unscrewed and replaced.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    That's a pretty cool mod. But if you leave the case panel off, doesn't it make the processor downclock to 1.3 GHz? I assume you'd still be able to see quite a bit of green if the tower is set up like normal.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    There is a second clear plastic window that comes with the G5 that allows you to open the side and keep the air tunnels working. It is not until you take off the clear plastic does the G5 freak out. (I mean the fans speed up)
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