new 15 Albook summary and questions

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My 15 1.25 combo drive PB arrived yesterday.

Pros: Beautiful, well constructed, no lid warping, no screen spots, no latch problems.

Con: Very Hot! no kidding, while importing audio CDs to drain the battery for calibration, the bottom of the machine became too hot to touch. It was only on for an hour while charging fully and then about 2 hours for draining and was sitting on a traveler coolpad the whole time.

cd drive is very loud. I installed mac office and i woke up my dead asleep roomate (who laughed and said "i told you not to get a Mac" ARRGGGHH) it sounds like a 747 taking off, is that normal?

seems a little slow just opening applications. When I change a setting, i get the spinning color ball.

Mac Newcomer Questions:

what updates do i need to download?

How do I get it to print from the shared canon i850 on my Netgear router? The airport card sees the network but not the printer?

Thats it for now, if you got all the way down here i appreciate it.

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