Anyone here speak German?

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I'm looking at buying something for my mac and I could do with checking what the following means first:

leider kann die MWST nicht ausgewiesen werden.

Sherlock keeps translating it to

"unfortunately cannot be proven the VAT."

and translating each word separately I get:

"unfortunately can those not MWST proven become" which also doesnt make any sense.

Can someone please help me out.



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    lolololo Posts: 87member
    MWST stands for Mehrwertsteuer, which literally means value added tax. "Leider kann die MWST nicht ausgewiesen werden." means that you have to pay (sales) tax. It can't be taken out.

    Vor zehn Jahren konnte ich gutes Deutch sprechen. Jetzt habe ich leider alles vergessen...

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    thanks. much appreciated.
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    but if you are buying this for export, taxes will be refunded 2 u,

    (at least i think they will be...., you will need to fill out some papers and send it)

    right? anyone?
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    bka77bka77 Posts: 331member

    "Mwst kann nicht ausgewiesen werden" Is only relevant if you live in germany and you want to get the tax back.

    In this case you cannot.

    In most cases when this phrase is mentioned you are buying from a private person or public institution and not from a company.

    I hope this helps.

    The Tax system over here is very complicated, 80% of books about tax in the world deal with the german tax.
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