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As the title says, I need some good resources on Applescripting. Primarily I am looking for some type of "key" that lists available commands, or any well done site (I don't mean aesthetically) with a strong forum.

Basically I need to start writing simple Applescripts to automate some menial but time consuming tasks. For instance, i want to write one that trashes the preferences for Final Cut Pro everytime I close it, stuff like that.

Any and all help appreciated-



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    There are a number of resources. is a rich source of detail but it is a little intimidating just because so much is there. It includes a number of links to other resources. is another source. I believe they have have a number of pdf files including a tutorial and a manual.

    Open the script editor (in your application folder). Under File choose Open Dictionary then select an application. This will show you the words applicable to any application.

    A really good way to learn about AppleScript is to start with Tex-Edit Plus. This is a superbly scriptable and recordable application. The recordable aspect is great for learning.

    Open the script editor, click the record button, switch to Tex-Edit Plus then use it - open files, add text, delete text, move windows, resize windows etc. Now switch back to Script Editor and click Stop. You will now have a script that will duplicate all of the actions you just performed.

    A number of programs supply sample scripts. You can also write to a software author and ask for sample scripts.

    This should give you a good start. Send me a message if you get stuck.
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