Purchase the Alu15" now?

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I was figuring on waiting to purchase an Alu15" until it ships with Panther, but a friend has advised getting one now with Jaguar instead. His reasoning is that I'll be able to get the Panther CD on the cheap, and that the software I'll be purchasing is established as Jaguar compatible, but that it might not be so on Panther for a while.

I'll be using the latest versions of Final Draft and Microsoft Office, and for utilities Norton Systemsworks and perhaps DiskWarrior.

Any advice or angle I'm missing? I need to get these things ordered pretty soon?


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    jlljll Posts: 2,709member

    Originally posted by C-Bear

    Any advice or angle I'm missing?

    Yes, stay away from Norton.
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    c-bearc-bear Posts: 111member

    Originally posted by JLL

    Yes, stay away from Norton.

    I've noticed this sentiment here and there ? seems to be a majority, though not overwhelmingly.

    I'm still on OS 9, and Norton has always been a great utility for me. Have things changed?

    Please enlighten me?
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