ipod interval timer?

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I have decided that i would like to get an interval timer on my ipod, since when i am running with it on I can no longer hear my timex beep.

Does anyone know if something like this can be downloaded?

A cursory glance at the ipod lounge did not show anything similar.



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    Yeah, this has been bugging me, too. I finally realized that I could make mp3s of the length I wanted (specifically, 20 seconds and 10 seconds for the Tabata interval), and build those into a playlist for a homemade, free, interval timer. I found a good article on how to make mp3s of any length:


    So, for my Tabata timer, I made a playlist that repeats my 10-second and 20-second interval eight times.

    If this seems like more trouble than it's worth, don't worry: the entire process of downloading and editing my first two intervals took about five minutes; I expect that future intervals will take less than two to generate. If you happen to be looking for a Tabata timer, feel free to download the mp3s I made:


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