Need Advice 10.2.8 and Panther build 7B80

in macOS edited January 2014
I just bought a new 1.25 GHz Powerbook G4 which came with 10.2.7 installed on it. I upgraded to 10.2.8 before installing Panther build 7B80. Then they released the second version of 10.2.8 which addressed the battery issue that some have been having with the new Powerbooks. I have already ordered the retail version of Panther from Apple. But I'm wondering if this vesion of Panther will include the battery management correction (planning to do a clean install), or if I should re-install 10.2.7 and then the second version of 10.2.8 upgrade first. If anyone knows I'd appreciate a response. Thanks in advance.


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    Wasn't 10.2.7 only for the G5?
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    Originally posted by Mac Man 020581

    Wasn't 10.2.7 only for the G5?

    Nope, the new 'books came with 10.2.7. I do not know whether this is a iffernt build than the one that ships with the G5s.
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