VPC 6.1 and which windows product

in Mac Software edited January 2014
wish to use vpc and IE 5.0or > for the following site__


login user name speed

password salesdemo

vpc 6.1 comes in 2kpro xp home xp pro

which is best for this use( fastest and most stable)??? I will only be using IE and no other windows software (this is for work) at apple discussions none could get the medical images from this site (don't know why)

i will be getting either a 12pb or updated iBook near christmas, i also have an iMac dv400 640ram now

will the laptops and my imac work with vpc and what recommended ram?? so if rumors are true and the iBook goes to 1gz g3 then is it a toss up on which i buy, the PB or iBook??

is emulation fundumentally better on a g4 1gz or g3 1gz?
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