iChat- File Sharing Features

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iChat is a great program. i hope apple adds features that are already availbe in the mac AIM version so that everyone will use ichat. Like file sharing. Its very good since you can specify who can see you library and download stuff. Any other feature you miss in iChat?


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    stevesteve Posts: 523member
    These sorts of features would only complicate iChat. If you look at the interface on Windows AIM, it's shockingly corrupt from all sorts of whiz-bang features that don't belong on a simple chat program. Mac OS X has built-in file-sharing capabilities that use standard protocols, such as FTP and even Web hosting. Go to System Preferences, click Sharing. And if you're a dot-Mac user, you can even share files in a Public folder when you're not online, via your iDisk.

    I'm starting to think that all the superfluous second-rate functionality of programs like AIM (which has no business being a file sharing client, especially considering the abundance of P2P programs on the Windows platform) is one of the reasons that people just don't know how to use computers. Every application tries to be and do everything. One of the reasons the Mac is a superior computing platform is because it understands application diversity and the appropriate relevance of each.

    iChat is an IM application. The end. (Well, and video communications. But yeah.)
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