Netscape 4.x address book question

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OS 9 is reinstalled and netscape address book is lost with mails somewhere in old system folder... i've found the netscape folder but nothing about address book... how and where does netscape 4.x store address book on OS9?


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    "Hard Drive, (previous) System Folder, Preferences, Netscape Users, Your Profile,"


    If you use Netscape with more than one user on a computer, browse to the following folder:

    System Folder -> Preferences -> Netscape users -> "Your Username"

    If you use Netscape as the only user on your computer, there should be only one subfolder in the

    folder "Netscape users" which could also be called "default".

    From this folder:

    - the file "pab.na2" (is your personal address book)

    - the file "bookmarks.html" (contains your bookmarks)

    - the folder "Mail" (your mailboxes), if you use Netscape as e-mail program


    Netscape Mail The address book in Netscape is a file called pab.na2.The path is:

    System Folder/Preferences/Netscape Users/pab.na2
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