Simple, intuitive OS X-based software sound recording (2-4 track?)

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Does this exist? I have NO idea.

Actually just a quick (and EASY TO USE) way to mainly capture a voice and acoustic guitar and to perhaps go back and add a harmony vocal or second guitar part (hence the 2-4 track reference).

Freeware, shareware, commercial, etc. But not looking for some $800-1500 product either.

Does anyone here know of something like this, a simple, inexpensive way to "capture a song" in rough form or to make little simple overdubs and demos?

I'm NOT looking for:

- full blown multitracking and system-taxing requirements

- effects, filters, etc. out the wazoo

- high-end, "pro" features I'll never use


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    Well, this isn't exactly the solution you are looking for I think, but if you had a mixer, you could put as many tracks as you want to 1 soundstudio track.

    (yes I know, defeats the purpose of wanting what you are wanting)

    hmm I know you can create new tracks in sound studio, I'm sure that could probably suit your needs, maybe not though, it's a silly program sometimes
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