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Help from the forum!? I am continually updating and changing my homepage and noticing my iDisk is getting more and more full. When deleting a homepage it gives the standard warning that this removal is permanent and non reversable. I think "okay, great, exactly what I want" Then I go into the iDisk pictures folder and there under 'photo album pictures' all of my photos from waaaaaay back are STILL there??? The photo names are of the 86r97lx88 non descript variety. I manually went through and deleted many, but there must be a better, easier way?

My question then is...when deleting hompage photos or parts of a homepage....Is there a way to delete all associated back up or image files from the iDisk in one fell swoop?

Does this situation make sense to anyone else. I've been looking for an answer from Apple support and Appleinsider, but I haven't seen the question raised before.


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    I've had the same problem and resorted to same solution - manually scouring my iDisk for files allegedly deleted by Homepage, and then doing the actual deletion myself.

    On a related matter, why can't I easily add/subtract photos from an album in Homepage? It seems nonsensical that if I want to add a photo or two to an existing album, I have to delete the old photo album and upload the new one. How inefficient is that.

    Panther is supposed to make the use of iDisk easier, and we'll find out shortly. Anyone using the last Panther build able to offer any insight on iDisk and Homepage performance?
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    if you have a whole file of photos (on your i disk, meaning if you have six pages you have six corresponding files for each page) dedicated to a page, all you should have to do is add the photo to the file, then edit the page to show the photo. (it may just show up, i'm not sure you have to check the box, but do it to be sure) then publish.

    conversely if you're deleting a page all you have to is trash the file dedicated to the page. then edit away the page, i'll assume you have the pics elsewhere or backed up some other way.
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    wish i could help, but my .mac subscription ran out before i thought to test it in panther, i never renewed. i may in the future given the proper incentive, even if it was something as simple as an option for monthly billing vs 100$ up front.
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    I knew that adding a photo to an existing folder of images will add that to the current page. But lets say you have several categories or home pages. The names of the folders are non sensical as well as the name. Given that I have been creating many pages I have over 40 of these 'photo album picture' folders with 20-50 images in each. I then have to go into each one and see what the images are...and if the right collection...then put it into that folder.

    I'm at the point that I should trash the entire folder and start over. It just seems there should be a better way. Apples attention to detail is usually astounding and this seems messy. The front end of the process is easy and looks great. It's this back end, the guts, that don't seem as user friendly. Hmmmm....maybe it's their subtle way of coaxing us to buy more disk space!
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    well labeling pics and keeping them organized is half the battle. i learned that the hard way too. i eventually deleted them all and started over, but i had to do each picture individually! it took an hour!

    but yeah, i would either sit down and sort it all out in one day or delete them all and start all over. but from the edit page you can at least get a thumbnail of the photo, that's something apple does that can be really helpful in this case.
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    It's not a matter of labeling the pics in a useful fashion - Apple renames them somehow when they are uploaded to iDisk. For example "Me and Joe Fishing" becomes XQR1769PL or something. No idea how/why Apple does this but I can't ascertain any way to identify a photo on iDisk without previewing it. And the file folders on iDisk are labeled by date/time rather than album name, which doesn't help a lot if you upload more than one album in a day.

    Apple really needs to rework this filing system to be a bit more intuitive. And besides, I shouldn't have to spend my time mucking around iDisk trying to delete photos that Homepage failed to do so - Apple products are supposed to easier to use than this.

    p.s. if para 1 doesn't make sense it's because I'm sitting at a PC as I type this and am doing my best to remember things.
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    Gobble Gobble, that made perfect sense. You stated my own situation much better that I did. I've come to the conclusion that this is one of those Apple quirks and will be left unpolished for now. Maybe things will change soon though.
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