Panther DVD player and Pismo?

in macOS edited January 2014
I currently use my 500MHz Pismo with OS 9.2.2 as a portable DVD player from time to time. I was reading the specs for the new DVD Player app in Panther and I'm confused.

Will the new DVD player in Panther work with a Pismo? Can I still watch DVDs on my Pismo after upgrading to Panther or will I be forced to buy a new computer?

(Yes, I know that the Pismo is slow and I'd be better off with a newer computer. But if I could afford a new computer I wouldn't be asking about Panther on a Pismo.)


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    4fx4fx Posts: 258member
    While Apple's quick system requirements dont say that it will work on a PowerBook G3, I would highly doubt that they would cut support for DVD players in those computers. The current DVD player in 10.2 works just fine on a PowerBook G3, so I dont see any reason why Panther wouldnt support it. Apple sometimes has a tendency to not list all computers that are compatible with its operating systems (probably a marketing thing). My guess is that you would probably be fine
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    I still use a Pismo as my main laptop, and Panther's DVD Player works just fine.
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