Question re: auto dial-up

in macOS edited January 2014
Apart from a SE 10 years ago the first time I have used OS X was yesterday on a friend's computer (17" iMac/10.2.6). Much nicer than NT!

He currently uses Outlook Express (under Classic) and is reluctant to change to Mail. On his old (OS 9) iMac Outlook ran a scheduled dial-up every two hours to send/receive email over his dial-up account. He wants this same functionality on his new box.

So I ticked the appropriate box in Network > PPP > Options > "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications". Outlook now successfully dials up, checks for mail and hangs up.

Unfortunately, so does _every_ other TCP/IP application. From "Mac OS X connects to the Internet automatically in some circumstances. For example, Mac OS X attempts to connect to the Internet to download Help Center information, search for and retrieve software updates from Apple, perform a Sherlock Internet search".

Having Mac Help dial-up by itself over my friend's single phone-line is unacceptable to his wife! (This happened the first time that I checked Help after changing the dial-up setting.)

(Finally the question) Can auto dial-up be limited to certain applications?
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