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I was wondering, is the airport extreme card compatible to work with any wireless router that uses Wi-Fi? Or do I have to buy the airport extreme base station? On the other hand, can normal pc's use the airport extreme's base station? When I was at the apple store yesterday I saw a guy with a pc laptop sitting on a couch outside of the apple store (this mall has couches and seats all over the place) I think he was stealing internet from the apple store, so I think pc laptops can work with airport extreme.


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    yes. and who cares about the guy?
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    kecksykecksy Posts: 1,002member
    An Airport Extreme card (802.11g) will allow you to connect to any 802.11b (WiFi) of 802.11g basestation. It won't allow you to use 802.11a (WiFi-5) basestations however, but very few places have them.

    Also, the Airport Extreme basestation and all other 802.11g basestations, support both 802.11g (Airport Extreme) and 802.11b (Airport) clients, so someone with a regular Airport card can still use them.
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    billybob, maybe you should read completely

    Anyways, thanks for the info
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    big macbig mac Posts: 480member
    I just wanted to add to this thread my elation over finally installing a WAP in my home. It is truly wonderful! Of course, it's not as if I haven't used wireless access before. But I simply didn't realize all the freedom I was missing out on without it. I bought the Netgear MR814, btw, and it is an attractive, inexpensive unit. You can purchase it on Amazon for a really attractive price right now, and there's a $20 rebate on top of that. If you don't currently have WiFi you really need to get on board. I can't believe I'm typing this on my iBook upstairs (my cable modem is downstairs) and Internet Connect reports my signal is 5/6ths strong -- it's incredible.
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    *sigh* I miss my Airport Base Station. Had to leave it with relatives when I moved, and I can't afford a new one.
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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    Wireless is amazing. The freedom is unbelievable. I have a netgear router, which works really well. My bro has a computer upstairs which runs wirelessly and never has any connection or signal problems. The router is in the basement. I can use a laptop from anywhere in the house, even on the patio, front porch, and back/front yards. Wireless rules, I don't know what I would do without it now. At first it seemed like just something that might come in handy every once in a while, but it has turned out to be one of the best investments I have made in a long time.

    And to answer your question, airport will work with PeeCees and airport cards will work with other base stations. However, you have to have appropriate antenna for it to work well or you will get no signal.
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    I am using my 15.2 AL with airport extreme card through a Belkin wireless 54g cable modem router.

    I have it set up in the basement and can access the internet from all over the house(three bars on the airport meter).

    It is fantastic. I can even print to the beige G3( upgraded to a G4/500MHz/784Mb/120Gb/Radeon 7500) print server downstairs.8)
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