Purchase my new Powerbook from a third party or the Apple Store?

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This question might be unanswerable, but here it goes:

Like a few others, I'm painfully torn right now between purchasing a new Alu 12" or 15" for the standard reasons others have already expressed in this forum.

One of my main concerns regarding the 15" is, of course, getting one with RevisionA-itis (white spots or any of the other hardware problems that this first wave of new 15"s seems to be experiencing, though to what degree still isn't known).

Whichever I choose, I'm inclined to buy from MacConnection because I won't have to pay a sales tax and I've been referred to a sales rep there who is likely to give me a bit of a discount. Money saved.

My concern, though, is that if I go for the 15" from MacConnection and get one of the troubled ones, will I have a tougher time with Apple getting repaired or replaced? And what are the odds that the MacConnection stock of 15"s is from a batch that is more likely to have problems (I'm envisioning boxes of first-run white-spotters sitting on MacConnection shelves, versus freshly restocked Apple shelves primed with perfect 15"s, but this may be crazy of me)?

I'm wondering if it's worth paying the sales tax (roughly $220) to walk into the Apple Store 10 minutes from my home and buy one that I can open right there and check at the Genius Bar. And should it have any problems, then or later, would having purchased it directly from Apple possibly increase the quality of care I get from Apple?

Save money and take a chance with MacConnection? Is that even taking a chance? Pay more and get it in my hot little hands from the Apple Store with less a chance taken? Is that even taking less of a chance?

Or should I just get the 12" and live with the screensize?wait, that's a whole other dilemma.


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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I wouldn't worry about. Check out the DOA return policy of MacConnection. It can't be worse than Apple's.
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    Buying custom Powerbooks is simplier from Apple than from third party stores. I want my Powerbook to have a bigger than standard hard drive, and it appears to be cheaper to get from Apple (excluding discounts too) than from macmall etc. At least the price for the customization I want I got from them was more than what than from Apple - including the sales tax.
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    c-bearc-bear Posts: 111member
    I'm not interested in BTO.
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